• March 13, 2017

An EPIC Story Unfolds

An EPIC Story Unfolds

An EPIC Story Unfolds 150 150 Harley Austin

AWAKENED: An EPIC Story Unfolds

The great thing about the Awakened Series is that it’s a 12-book series. The bad thing about it, is that it’s a 12-book series.

AWAKENED is an EPIC story.

Some readers prefer stand-alone novels. The books of the Awakened Series can be read individually, but they are not “stand-alone” novels in the sense if you don’t have at least some background of what it means to be “awakened”, you might miss some nuances within the story you’re reading.

In some ways, the Awakened Series is a a bit of an experiment. What I wanted to do early on was bust every mold and break every rule of traditional publishing. Whenever someone said, “you CAN’T DO that!”, I blew them off and did it anyway.

The result was a book series that shatters every Cardinal Rule in the publishing world; destroys “formulaic” stories; and delivers riveting novels that people really enjoy reading.

My Secret Ingredient? There is no Secret Ingredient.

Each new Awakened novel fits nicely within the Awakened epic; each book is different; a new couple, a new romance (or romances), and a new revelation of the overall backstory that is Awakened. People from previous novels make cameos in later novels. Not because it adds familiarity and consistency, but because they are in the story as it moves forward.

After 4, 6,  and now 8 novels with the last 4 on the way, there are without question a lot of people now within the epic story. Some we remember, some we don’t.

That’s okay. There’s always a short biography in the back of each novel of who someone is, and when they first appeared in the story.

New Novellas Coming Soon!

As the Awakened series has progressed, needless to say that there have been numerous ideas that have made it to paper (so to speak) but are not really full-length books advancing the backstory. Some of these will be released soon, perhaps this year, under a chronicles kind of series name. Look for them on Amazon to be between 100 and 200 pages.

~ Harley