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New Fantasy Series Coming Soon!

NEW: An EPIC Fantasy Series

After what has been close to a year of thinking about it, I have finally put pen to paper, so to speak, and began writing what will become the pilot novel for an epic new fantasy series. The series name has yet to be determined, but the pilot novel is titled BLUERAZOR.

Fans of the AWAKENED Series will be right at home with the typical Harley Austin prose, steamy romances, and an unexpected story that is not typical of everyday fantasy novels. If you’re cemented into the staid Tolkien universe of Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, and Hobbits battling armies for hoards of gold, you might not like what you read. However, if you are open to a new universe where Elven Lords fall suspicious of Humankind; where wooden sailing vessels move across the skies; and dragons and ki-rin are caught in the middle between two powerful realms, you might want to pick up a copy of the pilot book to see what happens.

 Building New Worlds: Plan by not Planning

Whenever Harley Austin sits down to write a new story, whether it’s a book within an existing series or something new like BLUERAZOR, I don’t spend weeks and months trying to figure out every detail of what this new story is going to be like, nor what the world setting is going to be. Some authors literally spend months fleshing out their universe, painstakingly detailing every piece of the social fabric of every race, critter, and how this or that “works” within their ‘verse.

I find such tedium to detail nauseating. Why? Because it locks me into something I may not like later on as the series progresses. In the end what the author ends up doing is simply recreating something they’ve already read, either in novels or from some gaming system they’ve played for years. Let me put it this way, if you have to tell the reader how magic “works” within your story, I’m done. You’re no longer telling a story, you’re rehashing your fantasy gaming days.

World building should come from the story, not something that is pre-planned. I once read an author who said they put to paper the detailed backgrounds of over a hundred people within her romance series before they even started writing the novels. This kind of thing gives me hives. Now the author is locked into relationships, personalities, backstory and all of his or her creativity must now conform to this pre-planned framework. All it does is stifle the imagination.

When Harley Austin sits down to write a story, yes, I have a vague idea of what’s going to happen as the story begins–very vague. But I just start writing. There is no planning grid of when this needs to happen, or that event needs to take place. I very often don’t know who the people are within the story until I start writing.

What emerges then, is not some pre-planned world, but pure, unbridled creativity. I am not locked into anything. I just follow the people in the story. As the story develops, yes, people and personalities develop, and a milieu rises from the pages. By the end of the first story we have a pretty good understanding of the world in which we live. But then it only builds more detail from there, not from some syllabus, but from what was created from the previous stories.

And right now some authors are having kittens trying to figure out how Harley Austin can write without “a plan”. I’ll be the first to say that this method of writing doesn’t work for everyone. In fact, probably very few. I don’t really know, I’m just guessing. The thing is, as a story progresses, my imagination is able to flow without constraint. I follow the people within the story and the truth is, I am often, very often, just as surprised as you are by what happens within the story. This happens to me in every book I write.

But now you have a sense of how a story, or even an entire world gets built from my imagination.

FREE Books!

I have placed the first two books of the AWAKENED Series, Awakened and Dominion, as permafree downloads. As always, you can read them for free as well, in fact the entire series, if you have Kindle Unlimited.

~ Harley

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NEW! Awakened Chronicles

Awakened Chronicles: Epic Short Stories

They’re here! The first two books of Awakened Chronicles have been released!

As the Awakened series has progressed now into six books published, and three waiting to be published, needless to say that there have been numerous ideas and stories that have made it to paper (so to speak) but are not really full-length books advancing the backstory. But they were such great stories that i just couldn’t let them go without being told.

Awakened Chronicles were created to satisfy my literary Attention Deficit Disorder. Harley Austin never met a story I didn’t want to tell in my own inimitable way. I am an avowed relationship junkie. I love “shipping” people within the Awakened universe that end up making really great stories.

“Harley, 200+ Pages Is Not a Short Story.”

My editor groaned. Okay. She’s right. It’s not. Harley Austin apparently has another problem, I’ve discovered that I cannot write a 100-page story. Siren was supposed to be just a small, short 100-page novella that advanced some background about the Awakened Universe. Nope. It came in at 200 pages in print. Relic was nearly 300 pages in print.

Okay, so in the future, look for Awakened Chronicles short stories to be between 100 and 300 paperback pages.

When Should I Read These?

As a general rule, unless you don’t mind spoilers, don’t read an Awakened Chronicle before you’ve read the last book the chronicle is supposed to before. Here’s what I mean …

Each Awakened Series novel takes place about a year after the last one in the epic story: Legacy (book three) takes place about a year after Dominion (book two), and  Dominion takes place about year after Awakened (book 1). These three books then span three years of time in the main series. That’s a lot of time between stories.

Awakened Chronicles books attempt to fill in some of these fairly large time gaps between the novels in the primary Awakened Series. Siren takes place between books two and three of the main series. You may not want to read Siren until you’ve read Legacy, book three, of the main series.

The other interesting part of Awakened Chronicles is that aspects of these stories have already begun to manifest themselves in upcoming novels. There are elements from Awakened Chronicles that manifest themselves in later novels, like Paradisus (book 6).

Where To Buy Harley Austin Books

All of my books can be found published exclusively on Amazon.

An EPIC Story Unfolds 150 150 Harley Austin

An EPIC Story Unfolds

AWAKENED: An EPIC Story Unfolds

The great thing about the Awakened Series is that it’s a 12-book series. The bad thing about it, is that it’s a 12-book series.

AWAKENED is an EPIC story.

Some readers prefer stand-alone novels. The books of the Awakened Series can be read individually, but they are not “stand-alone” novels in the sense if you don’t have at least some background of what it means to be “awakened”, you might miss some nuances within the story you’re reading.

In some ways, the Awakened Series is a a bit of an experiment. What I wanted to do early on was bust every mold and break every rule of traditional publishing. Whenever someone said, “you CAN’T DO that!”, I blew them off and did it anyway.

The result was a book series that shatters every Cardinal Rule in the publishing world; destroys “formulaic” stories; and delivers riveting novels that people really enjoy reading.

My Secret Ingredient? There is no Secret Ingredient.

Each new Awakened novel fits nicely within the Awakened epic; each book is different; a new couple, a new romance (or romances), and a new revelation of the overall backstory that is Awakened. People from previous novels make cameos in later novels. Not because it adds familiarity and consistency, but because they are in the story as it moves forward.

After 4, 6,  and now 8 novels with the last 4 on the way, there are without question a lot of people now within the epic story. Some we remember, some we don’t.

That’s okay. There’s always a short biography in the back of each novel of who someone is, and when they first appeared in the story.

New Novellas Coming Soon!

As the Awakened series has progressed, needless to say that there have been numerous ideas that have made it to paper (so to speak) but are not really full-length books advancing the backstory. Some of these will be released soon, perhaps this year, under a chronicles kind of series name. Look for them on Amazon to be between 100 and 200 pages.

~ Harley