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FIERCE COMPETITION—part of the Awakened Universe of exceptional novels.


The Race To Save A World!

Saving an Elven maiden from a slaver’s whip has become the least of Arion’s problems as he becomes suspicious that her true caste might not be tied to her shabby appearance and unskilled thieving.

With the unstable alliance between Elves and Humans moving ever closer to the breaking point, the mysterious disappearance of an Elven princess would be all that is needed to plunge both nations into all-out war. Somehow, Taryn must be returned to the Elven moon of Elaria, but how?

Aided in his quest by the mystical BlueRazor, Arion unwittingly collects an uncanny band of would-be rescuers. Pursued by the Elven armadas, the regent queen is determined that Taryn shall never reach the realm to reclaim her throne alive.

But is the queen’s quest for war all there is to her designs for ultimate power? Or is there an evil at work even darker than her own soul? One that seeks the destruction of not just Elves and Humans, but all of the moon worlds of Edentide!

  474 pages | Paperback | Kindle | KindleUnlimited


Beware the Old Magic…

Storm thought he was just defending the nest of the Fyre clan, but when the battle turns deadly with no hope of victory, he’s ordered to flee to warn the others.

But why would Humans attack Faeries?

What he will realize too late is that someone’s discovered the old magic; trapping faeries and using their essence to make an elixir so miraculous that millions of Humans will be willing to pay anything for its power.

But faeries are rare. And extracting their oil is fatal. If their secret is ever revealed, it will spell an inescapable doom for the tiny, winged Elves of Erinwood!

  000 pages | Paperback | Kindle | KindleUnlimited

ARCUS - Book Three

A Dying World Holds The Key To Ultimate Power

For eons, the Ministerium worlds were the guardian knights of an ancient power, an icon known only as—the Arcus. But when the artifact turns up missing, entire fleets are martialed across the galaxy to pursue the pirate who stole it.

But they are not the only ones who want it.

Now lost to the centuries, an ancient evil rises to close in on its hiding place. Realizing the danger, a rag-tag group of misfit pirates find themselves joining forces in a race to find the missing icon before it’s too late.

But is this evil already too great to overcome? And once it has the ultimate power in the Universe, will there be anyone who can stop it from destroying worlds—including the mystical world of Edentide!?

  301 pages | Paperback | Kindle | KindleUnlimited