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How Not to Write Male Romance

How Not to Write Male Romance 383 543 Harley Austin

I am not going to pretend that I am the be-all-end-all of male romance writers. However, I have noticed some things about male romance novels (typically gay romance novels written by women for a male audience) that leave me wondering…

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10 New Awakened Titles Coming in 2019!

10 New Awakened Titles Coming in 2019! 880 1024 Harley Austin

My fans have been chomping at the bit, calling and emailing me, asking for when the new Awakened titles are going to be released! For those who do not know, I am not a full-time writer―yet. I have a day…

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New Fantasy Series Coming Soon!

New Fantasy Series Coming Soon! 150 150 Harley Austin

NEW: An EPIC Fantasy Series After what has been close to a year of thinking about it, I have finally put pen to paper, so to speak, and began writing what will become the pilot novel for an epic new…

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The Story Behind: PARADISUS

The Story Behind: PARADISUS 300 425 Harley Austin

TROUBLE IN PARADISE? “You cannot put that in a story!” My editor said. “No one’s going to buy it!” At this point in the Awakened Series, I believe I have thoroughly cemented the fact that I have broken nearly every…

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The Story Behind: RELIC

The Story Behind: RELIC 300 425 Harley Austin

CITY OF GOLD Relic was one of those books that sort of happened by accident. After finishing SIREN, the so-called short story (nearly 200 pages in print) ended up ending leaving me with not so much a cliff-hanger, which I…

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NEW! Awakened Chronicles

NEW! Awakened Chronicles 150 150 Harley Austin

Awakened Chronicles: Epic Short Stories They’re here! The first two books of Awakened Chronicles have been released! As the Awakened series has progressed now into six books published, and three waiting to be published, needless to say that there have…

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The Story Behind: SIREN

The Story Behind: SIREN 300 425 Harley Austin

A SIREN’S CALL SIREN was one of those stories that was supposed to be a “short story” to introduce my new Awakened Chronicles. But at just under 200 pages, it ended up the length of a typical mass-market paperback. The…

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An EPIC Story Unfolds

An EPIC Story Unfolds 150 150 Harley Austin

AWAKENED: An EPIC Story Unfolds The great thing about the Awakened Series is that it’s a 12-book series. The bad thing about it, is that it’s a 12-book series. AWAKENED is an EPIC story. Some readers prefer stand-alone novels. The…

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The Story Behind: INTERRA

The Story Behind: INTERRA 300 425 Harley Austin

Although it has become Book 5, Interra is really the story that started it all. It is the pilot, if you will, from which the entire Awakened Series was built. While the book has undergone some rather heavy editing since…

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The Story Behind: INVICTUS

The Story Behind: INVICTUS 300 425 Harley Austin

With the Awakened Series now moving into book four, it has become interesting for me as a storyteller to see the response from readers about the direction a story takes and specifically some of the surprising relationships that have developed within…

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