Frequently Asked Questions

AWAKENED is a deeply cross-genre paranormal sci-fi mystery thriller set in our modern era. The people within the story are richly developed, the romance is explicitly hot, sometimes erotic, and not every relationship is straight. There are usually multiple relationships brewing within a single book, so if one type of "ship" isn't your cup-of-tea, there is something to please everyone.

Awakened is more than just romance. The epic story is deep and immersive with multiple storylines often running in parallel that resolve at the end of each book. There are no cliffhangers with most of the books ending in a solid HEA, but always with more mystery and conflict evident to keep the reader coming back for more.

Who reads AWAKENED? About half of Awakened fans are men, so you can be sure that while the romance is sizzling, it is the mystery, action and a well-developed, smoothly written story of the people within each book that both men and women  will love.

AWAKENED is an epic story that unveils the gods of old reborn in our modern era. A sizzling paranormal sci-fi intrigue thriller romance, the series crosses numerous fiction genres to deliver a deep, compelling tale of power, love, mystery, and betrayal that both men and women will find riveting.

With each new book, the past of the old gods is revealed as discovered through the lives of the reborn. Each book follows new young people who harbor the blood of the gods, but who must now make their way alone, living alongside an increasingly hostile Humanity to rekindle their people and rediscover their ancient knowledge lost to the ages.

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