Awakened Chronicles: Epic Short Stories

They’re here! The first two books of Awakened Chronicles have been released!

As the Awakened series has progressed now into six books published, and three waiting to be published, needless to say that there have been numerous ideas and stories that have made it to paper (so to speak) but are not really full-length books advancing the backstory. But they were such great stories that i just couldn’t let them go without being told.

Awakened Chronicles were created to satisfy my literary Attention Deficit Disorder. Harley Austin never met a story I didn’t want to tell in my own inimitable way. I am an avowed relationship junkie. I love “shipping” people within the Awakened universe that end up making really great stories.

“Harley, 200+ Pages Is Not a Short Story.”

My editor groaned. Okay. She’s right. It’s not. Harley Austin apparently has another problem, I’ve discovered that I cannot write a 100-page story. Siren was supposed to be just a small, short 100-page novella that advanced some background about the Awakened Universe. Nope. It came in at 200 pages in print. Relic was nearly 300 pages in print.

Okay, so in the future, look for Awakened Chronicles short stories to be between 100 and 300 paperback pages.

When Should I Read These?

As a general rule, unless you don’t mind spoilers, don’t read an Awakened Chronicle before you’ve read the last book the chronicle is supposed to before. Here’s what I mean …

Each Awakened Series novel takes place about a year after the last one in the epic story: Legacy (book three) takes place about a year after Dominion (book two), and  Dominion takes place about year after Awakened (book 1). These three books then span three years of time in the main series. That’s a lot of time between stories.

Awakened Chronicles books attempt to fill in some of these fairly large time gaps between the novels in the primary Awakened Series. Siren takes place between books two and three of the main series. You may not want to read Siren until you’ve read Legacy, book three, of the main series.

The other interesting part of Awakened Chronicles is that aspects of these stories have already begun to manifest themselves in upcoming novels. There are elements from Awakened Chronicles that manifest themselves in later novels, like Paradisus (book 6).

Where To Buy Harley Austin Books

All of my books can be found published exclusively on Amazon.

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