The Story Behind BLUERAZOR

There is within every author, I think, that one story of a favorite character, a person, dare I say alter-ego, who exists only in our hearts and minds, and if we’re fortunate enough, we got to play that person as part of a group in a role-playing game setting. If you’ve ever played such games, you probably know what I mean. We love them; and in some way that only we will ever know, they are us.

BlueRazor is the story of such a person. Someone who grew up out of my imagination in my mid to late teens and became a kind of mainstay character played in more games over the course of some 20 years than I can remember. At some point, each of our fave alter-egos becomes so advanced, so powerful, they’re just no fun to play anymore, but we still love them. Everyone in our group of friends had such people that we loved to pay now an again, if only just because any one of us could have slain a red dragon in one round, or an entire hoard of orcs with a single spell. But I digress …

The story you now hold is borne from the experiences of those many years of running various role-playing games with long-time friends who have long since parted ways as life sent all of us in different directions. But the memories of those wonderful times together with those friends still run deep within me to this day.

I actually began writing BlueRazor in 2017 and took the story to some 250 pages. My beautiful wife is not really a fan of fantasy, but she loved the prologue and wanted to read the rest when it was finished. Fast-forward 5 years, and I have finally resurrected BlueRazor from my backlog and Graveyard of Forgotten Stories and completed it.

In between that time, I actually did finish another novel set in this fantasy realm called ARCUS, and also half finished another story called FaerieFyre that will now be published sooner than later for this series.

It is now inevitable that BlueRazor will become the first of many books set within my already well-established Awakened Universe, but with a fantasy, as opposed to a paranormal sci-fi, perspective.

I truly enjoy writing fantasy and I think you will see many more of these novels in the future. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the people within this story, because in many ways, some of them were the creation of real people brought to life in games that now live only in our memories.

~ Harley