Author - Harley Austin

Romance is not “Dirty”

Recently, more than a few articles have appeared across the publishing world pushing back on the archaic notion that romance is somehow "dirty". Romance authors who write "steamy", "explicit" or otherwise detailed romantic scenes are being labeled by certain elements of society as purveyors of "smut", "porn", "filth", "sin", and whatever other derogatory label these often misguided religious folks parrot from the pulpit.

Romance that doesn't involve sex is labeled as "clean" while romance novels that do describe a sexual encounter are labeled as "dirty".

Who is spewing this "dirty" nonsense?

I spent the better part of 40 years in various mainstream Christian churches. I left the Christian faith around 2010 to achieve a more personal relationship with God. I left the Church because of what I saw as a boatload of hypocrisy with regard to not just what the Church taught, but how people treated others who didn't agree with the Church's misguided views. The sheer arrogance of the leadership when it came to what their Scriptures actually said versus what the Church was teaching was too much for me to put up with.

A Christian Church's leadership often arrogantly pretend to speak for God; but all too often, they are simply regurgitating centuries of man-made tradition. From what I've seen, too many Christian leaders wouldn't know the heart and mind of the God of Creation if God showed up inside their own sanctuaries. Once God actually began teaching, I'm more than sure the Church would throw God out of their buildings, just like the Pharisees did with Jesus.

The truth and irony is, Jesus wasn't even "Christian" (in his beliefs about God), he was quite Jewish in that regard. As such, Jesus would not recognize the Christian Church of today as anything he or his hand-picked Apostles ever started.

If you have ever played the game "Telephone" where one person says something into the ear of another, then that person whispers the same phrase to the next person in line, by the time the last person in line gets the message, the final whispered message is often not even close to what was originally communicated. And writing it down doesn't help the situation at all. If someone doesn't like or misreads what was written, for instance, they change it to what they do like or understand the original message to be.

A boatload of books have been written describing this phenomenon and the Bible has not been immune to it. Sure, Christian leaders say and irrationally believe that somehow "God protected the Bible" from mistranslation and miscommunication, but that is simply and quite provably not the case.

Even as late as the 1970's, the International Bible Society removed the name "Lucifer" from their NIV Bible specifically because "Lucifer" was a man-made mistranslation and misinterpretation! First, "Lucifer" isn't even a proper noun (a name); and second, the passage isn't referring to Satan. In doing so, the IBS just invalidated some 1,500 years of Christian's calling the devil "Lucifer". There are perhaps millions of Christian books that refer to Satan as Lucifer, but now have ZERO Biblical support for doing so. None. This is not just some minor error in translation / transliteration issue. A man-made error was inserted into the Bible and then corrected. If you have to correct something, it's not "inerrant" (without error).

But let's go back even further, to the prophet Jeremiah, where God chastises the then priesthood some 3,000 years ago for "falsely handling" the Law of God with their "lying pens." ( Jeremiah. 8:8) I'm not making this up. I wonder why Church leaders never focus on this passage? Because it utterly destroys their belief that the Bible is without error.

In her groundbreaking book, The God Jesus Knew and Christianity Forgot, lay scholar Serena Evenson lays out what I consider to be the foundation for what I hope will eventually build into the next Reformation of the Christian Church. In many ways, the Church and its teachings are simply a body of inherited traditions from more puritanical centuries, and not really what God is like or all about.

So now that we have a beginning foundation of understanding, let's ask the simple question ...

Is Sex a Sin?

I'm going to just cut to the chase: Most Protestant denominations claim that their Bible is the foundation of their teachings. But no where within the Judeo-Christian Scriptures does God ever call sex "dirty". In fact, within the same Bible Christians are told to believe is the Word of God, we have the Songs of Solomon, a rather "dirty" book that describes in detailed "purple prose", men and women getting together and having sex. But somehow this prose is "holy" while others writing at the same level of detail is considered "sin". Right. Got it. The hypocrisy, I mean.

Oh, wait. Someone will demand that what the Bible is describing within the Songs is between a married couple. Oh really? While that can be implied, and while Solomon was indeed the king and married, he'd married some 700 women and also had an estimated 300 concubines, women with whom he was in a sexual relationship with but that he was not married to. In most of the Songs, the Scripture doesn't always say who is having sex or whether or not they are married.

The point is, nowhere within these Scriptures does God ever explicitly say that sex outside of marriage is a sin. In fact, God never even proscribes marriage. It's there, referenced within the Scriptures, God talks about marriage, but God never says someone has to be married in order to have sex.

This "sex outside of marriage is a sin" dogma is merely a man-made tradition, an INTERPRETATION, a religious custom invented by man; it is not a Law or Commandment of God.

Is being Gay a Sin?

Here is where the Church also get's hypocritical. Torah (the Law) does say that same-sex relations are a sin. Okay, but within the same book, not a few verses earlier, God also says that SHAVING is a sin. Both are punishable by death. According to the Church, no sin is greater than another.

So the question need necessarily be asked: "If being gay is a sin, why doesn't the Church condemn people who shave as well?"

The Church has been confronted with this not so little conundrum for centuries. Their patented excuse is that the Law of God was separated into "Moral" and "Ceremonial" laws. Ceremonial laws were just for the time or for the priesthood or anyone but the New Testament Church. The so-called Moral laws are eternal and meant for everyone.

The only problem with this excuse is that it is, again, just that: a man-made excuse; an INTERPRETATION. NOWHERE within the Torah (the Law) does God delineate "ceremonial" versus "moral" laws. Yes, God does proscribe certain things the priesthood was to do and not do, but those are clearly spelled out as being for the priesthood; and not "shaving" wasn't just for the priests, or the Jewish people—it was meant for everyone.


After reading Jeremiah and how Bible publishers corrected the Bible, what we are left with is: 1) there is simply man-made period culture within the Bible being elevated to the Law of God; 2) Christian leaders are cherry-picking from the Bible what they want to believe and they are simply ignoring what they do not, or what their congregations do not want to believe.

I know that I'm not going to change certain people's minds with a blog post, in fact, I doubt God could change the mind of most Christian leaders. However, it is time that the religious among us realized that God does not hate sex outside of marriage, nor does God hate gay people any more than he hates people who shave.

If Solomon's Songs are any indication, then there is nothing "dirty" or "sinful" about a writing a detailed romance. What is sinful is man inventing traditions that put words into the mouth of God, words that God never, ever said. That, ladies and gentlemen, is called a lie.



Fierce Competition, the precursor to Fierce Rebellion, was a story that grew out of a couple of different ideas I had in my mind and from my “graveyard” of forgotten short stories. One of these forgotten stories took place on a college campus and included two guys and two girls getting together within my Awakened Series. The college part of the story sort of fizzled with me but I really liked the people in the story which included Thad, Jean-Luc, Misty and, of course, London.

The working title for the first book was something I just pulled out of thin air: “Fierce Competition”. I sort of had an idea of where the story was kind of going with the above four people, but as I began to get deeper into the story, someone else emerged, a fifth character, from the story that took me completely by surprise—Peter Fierce, after which the whole book and then series was ultimately titled.

I have always adamantly said that stories should be allowed to tell themselves. I will start out writing a story in one direction with thoughts and ideas about what’s going to happen, but then the story itself takes control and I allow the story to tell itself through the lives and events of the people living within it.

Fierce Competition did just that. However, in doing so, it became and kind of odd story in that while the book was titled after Peter Fierce, the majority of the story was actually more about the four young people, while Fierce was on the periphery of the main characters.

My editor very much liked the novel, and made it very clear that she wanted to see more of this Peter Fierce. We really only got to see glimpses of his life in Fierce Competition. So, who is he? My editor was thoroughly captivated by the corporate espionage thriller that became the Fierce Competition story. She started tossing out all kinds of new titles, Fierce this and Fierce that …

There was also a not so subtle criticism that came out of the first novel—some of my readers really liked the story but where was the paranormal sci-fi Harley Austin is famous for? “I read Harley Austin because I love the paranormal stories!” one reader told me.

Alright, message delivered.

The truth is, there is some paranormal stuff happening within Fierce Competition, but it is very subtle, barely noticeable, and yes the Fierce novels do indeed tie into my Awakened universe.

Fierce Rebellion picks up where Fierce Competition left off. We get to see some familiar faces, but also some new ones as well. If Fierce Competition left you feeling like you really missed seeing some of the Awakened, Fierce Rebellion returns to its Awakened roots by delivering my typical paranormal sci-fi in spades.

In many ways, the main Awakened Series tells stories from the perspective of the awakened gods. What I liked about The Fierce Professions Series is that it tells stories from the perspectives of the people finding themselves now having to deal with these new gods and their knowledge.

I hope you really like The Fierce Professions Series and all of the rest of the Peter Fierce novels to come.

~ Harley



Every author has a graveyard of stories untold: idea snippets put to the page, short stories unfinished, books three-fourths written but not completed, even new series waiting to be built-out with more than just an idea.

The working title for Fierce Competition was “Taking A Hike”, because the idea was something I had been toying with in the back of my mind for weeks. Honestly, the story was just that, an idea. I had no intention for this little romantic short story idea to become its own book, let alone the beginnings of a new series I’m calling The Fierce Professions.

But that is exactly how new things often get created within the imagination of a writer. Authors are sometimes fickle. We start something and don’t finish it because the plot fizzles, or we get bored, or some other project pops up that takes our interest totally away from whatever else it was that we had been working on.

Fierce Professions was one of those things that just popped up out of nowhere pushing everything else off my plate. It was a chance for me to once again push my own boundaries and expand my wings with something new and intriguing.

This was again one of those stories, like PRISM, that took a hard turn in the middle of the story and took me in a direction I had no idea was coming. The story was supposed to be about people on a hike, but it quickly morphed into much, much more. In fact, you'll notice that the main subject of the story, the incomparable Peter Fierce, doesn't even show up within the story until we're well into it.

The truth is, Peter was a bit of an accidental or incidental character within the story as it was taking shape. But as the story progressed, it was clear that he was the real main character of the story and by the end of the book I really needed to see more of the guy. In fact, Peter Fierce became the reason for the story in toto. Peter became, or rather is, my entrepreneurial hero, based in part on a real-life entrepreneur, Peter Thiel; and the amalgamation of perhaps other prominent entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk.

I have a good number of paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy romance novels both published and laying peacefully in my so-called graveyard of forgotten stories, just waiting for the light of day. But this was my first novel that one could actually call “normal”. Well, as “normal” as a Harley Austin novel will ever get. Fierce Competition was one of those stories and now series that got me excited about new relationship possibilities and allowed me explore some unbelievable romances that are very much—possible.

Finally, a brief word of warning for those of you expecting something from this first Fierce novel, it's a little different in the sense that although the book falls solidly into the AWAKENED milieu, there is very little in the way of paranormal or sci-fi within this first novel. Again, it was for me, a kind of attempt at writing something that was, well, normal. However, when the beta reader team was unimpressed with the lack of my typical paranormal and "tech" within the story, I agreed, and the second novel dumps in spades what the first novel held back with.

Still, that being said, I did write Fierce Competition with the idea that the people would be on the periphery of the AWAKENED universe. As such, it doesn't take too much to see this in the story. Anyone who is a fan of the Awakened Series will pick up on the nuances immediately.

I hope you enjoy these Fierce novels as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

~ Harley


The Story Behind PRISM

Prism started life as a book I intended for the ephemeral “Unbelievable Romances Series” that has never gotten off the ground. The book was to be my version of a Hallmark Christmas story with fun people meeting in a happily ever after kind of story. In fact, that was the working title of the book, “Christmas”.

But that’s not where the story took me.

Not even close.

Within Harley Austin, as within every author, there are a plethora of stories clawing to get out and be told. As the story began to take shape, a kind of new story began to emerge within the pages of “Christmas”; and the further I progressed, letting the characters and people tell their story, the more I realized what was being written was really more backstory to my Awakened Series. I moved the book to the Awakened Chronicles Series and kept writing.

What eventually arose from the beginnings of my Christmas novella was a deep and powerful back story, and a foreshadowing of things to come within the main Awakened milieu that I was not expecting.

To me, this is the fun of writing. In many ways, I’m just like you are reading a Harley Austin novel—I never really know what’s going to be in a book until I read what I’ve just written. I know this doesn’t make sense to a lot of authors who need to know the whole story and have it all planned out beginning to end before they even begin writing the first page.

That kind of writing would give me hives.

Let the story tell itself.

I was surprised and delighted by the story that ultimately emerged as Prism. Not only did Prism become the third book in the Awakened Chronicles Series, but it spawned the following books of Travada, which led to Primal, which dove-tailed into an already planned Atlantica and then Oblivion which I had already written but didn’t know where it would play out within the Chronicles series.

But everything just fell into place like clockwork, like I had planned the whole series, beginning to end, from the outset. I assure you I did not; and I was just as delighted and surprised by these stories in how everything just came together. In many ways, I feel very blessed to be able to write the way I do and share my stories with all of you. Thank you so much for reading.

~ Harley


The Story Behind DECEPTION


I actually began writing DECEPTION back in 2015. I was between contract jobs at the time, and I was doing quite a bit of writing to fill my time until a new job opened up. I had several books in flight when I went back to work, and DECEPTION's stories presented kind of both an opportunity and a quandary for me.

Two stories come together within DECEPTION that I wasn't really sure how they were going to meet. It took me quite a while to figure out what to do with this book. In the mean time, AWAKENED CHRONICLES had taken flight and I suddenly had a lot of backstory that now needed to find its way into DECEPTION.

Not to give your any spoilers here, but the Dark and Serena ship was pretty awesome from PARADISUS and I knew I needed to keep this going into the next book. I usually avoid cliffhangers, but this was sort of one that happened by accident. I didn't plan it. Both Dark and Serena are probably two of the hottest characters in the series and getting them together was inevitable.

The Justin and Christian story was also well off the ground when I went back to work in mid-2015, only to discover that two of my co-workers at the company I was now working for were named "Justin" and "Christian". And both were part Asian! I totally freaked. No, I never told the two of them about my books, but wow, truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.

INTERRA really opened the door for what the knowledge of the gods was capable of. PARADISUS then advanced the backstory into a much wider and deeper realm than I think anyone was really expecting. DECEPTION continues to build on those themes and dives deeper into who is really in league with whom. The answer is, of course, a deception. Read the book.

In any event, DECEPTION has become one of my favorite books for a number of reasons, not the least of which we get to see more of just about everyone from the previous six books! I love it when the main people from previous books show up in new novels. We also get to see a little more of Dane in this book. Keep your eye on this prince, we are so not though seeing the last of him within the AWAKENED epic.

Finally, some of you might be wondering why there isn't some hot couple on the cover of DECEPTION? I originally started with that by running a cover contest. The winning cover originally had the cover model I used for Serena on the cover of INTERRA. But I was really intrigued by the arcane medallion she used in the background. It really seemed to represent what the "dark lord" was all about within the story, so I removed the model, updated the cover and DECEPTION has become the first cover not to feature a hot couple. I don't know if I'll keep it that way, but for now, I think it looks really intriguing!

All the best!

~ Harley


Which AWAKENED Books Do I Read First?

With the AWAKENED EPIC now approaching 20 books from 3 series, you may be wanting to know, which books do I read first? Or, how do read them in order of their events?

The Awakened books can, but probably should not be read as stand-alone books. The reader will miss the significance and backstory of certain people who show up within the stories. Each Awakened Series book takes place about a year apart. Chronicles Series books also fall into this about a year apart range. The Fierce novels happen sporadically dispersed within the main Series, and sort of have their own spin on the events of the milieu.

The below timeline of this page will show you which books to read in order of the events within the epic, and the people introduced within the story. This page will be updated automagically as new books and content are published.

AWAKENED - Awakened Series - Book One

People Introduced

Kent & Lisa
Rowan, Brad

People Introduced

Thad, Jean-Luc, London, Misty

FIERCE COMPETITION - Fierce Professions - Book One

DOMINION - Awakened Series - Book Two

People Introduced

Jerrod & Kari

LEGACY - Awakened Series - Book Three

People Introduced

Gage & Savannah
Kirin, Kira & Trac
Joshuah & Calista
Rowan, Brad

INVICTUS - Awakened Series - Book Four

People Introduced

Beau & Ian
Lucas, Amethyst
Rion, Francesca
Rowan, Brenda

People Introduced

Liam & Tori

SIREN - Awakened Chronicles - Book One

People Introduced

Houston, Grayson, Kennedi
Thad, Jean-Luc, London, Misty
Peter, Tami, Angela
Baal, Welston

FIERCE REBELLION - Fierce Professions - Book Two

INTERRA - Awakened Series - Book Five

People Introduced

Rion & Serena
Dark, Kari, Jerrod, Elle, Aramis
Lucas, Amethyst, Rowan
Rowan, Brenda
Carson, Julia
Black Dragon

People Introduced

Tacori, Houston, Paris, Phoenix, Rouge
Thad, Jean-Luc, London, Misty
Peter, Welston

FIERCE SURVIVAL - Fierce Professions - Book Three

People Introduced

Liam & Tori
Monica, Mac
Noah, Hope
Lisa, Brenda, Amethyst, Astrid
Rion, Dark, Kent

RELIC - Awakened Chronicles - Book Two

PARADISUS - Awakened Series - Book Six

People Introduced

Ty & Ethan
Kira, North, Amethyst
Gage & Savannah
Rowan & Paige
Dane, Arra, Vise
Rion, Brenda, Dark, Carson
Dark, Serena

DECEPTION - Awakened Series - Book Seven

People Introduced

Dark & Serena
Kyle & Lauren
Christian & Justin
Black Dragon
Dane, Arra, Vise, Rigel
Tanner, Calista, Joshuah
Rion, Carson

People Introduced

Parker, Brayden, O'Brien, Romero, Wynn, Tyler
Carissa, Denton
Rigel, Brad

PRISIM - Awakened Chronicles - Book Three

People Introduced

Parker, Brayden, Wynn
O'Brien, Romero, Tyler
Lear, North, Jerrod
Carissa, Denton
Dark, Carson

TRAVADA - Awakened Chronicles - Book Four

VALOR - Awakened Series - Book Eight

People Introduced

River & Alexis
Jake & Serena
Yara, Therin
Terrell, Ametyst, Arra
Rion, Nereus
The Muses

People Introduced

Derrick & Faith
Sky, Jasmine
Tegan, Kyra
Dakota, Crystal
Rion, Brenda, Kent
The Shamans
Osiris, Set

PRIMAL - Awakened Chronicles - Book Five

People Introduced

Neo & Lesia
Parker, Brayden, Carissa
Reef, Zael, Pearl, Octavius

ATLANTICA - Awakened Chronicles - Book Six

People Introduced

Bryce & Aria
Brad (new)
Brock, Kevin
Dark, Kari, Julia, Mira

OBLIVION - Awakened Chronicles - Book Seven

People Introduced

Not yet released.

ARCHANGEL - Awakened Chronicles - Book Eight

People Introduced

Not yet released.

FIERCE DEFENSE - Fierce Professions - Book Four

PROMETHEAN - Awakened Series - Book Nine

People Introduced

Not yet released.

NOVUS - Awakened Series - Book Ten

People Introduced

Not yet released.

MERIDIAN - Awakened Series - Book Eleven

People Introduced

Not yet released.

ASCENSION - Awakened Series - Book Twelve

People Introduced

Not yet released.


The Story Behind PARADISUS


"You cannot put that in a story!" My editor said. "No one's going to buy it!"

At this point in the Awakened Series, I believe I have thoroughly cemented the fact that I have broken nearly every so-called "rule" of book publishing there is to break in building a successful book series. Crossing several fiction genres, deliberately incorporating social, political and religious taboos, promoting a romance written for men, incorporating steamy same-sex relationships … the Awakened Series truly defies not just description, but kicks-to-the-curb every so-called mainstream publishing "no-no" as well.

And the fans of the Awakened Series have loved every minute of it!

Honestly—it was totally by accident. All I did was listen to the advice of some of some very successful people who basically told me: "Don't write what everyone else is writing. Write what you yourself would want to read."

And so ends my so-called "experiment" of delivering an intriguing paranormal mystery sci-fi romantic story that both men and women would enjoy reading. The series has become a great success! I have rabid fans.

What I didn’t realize when I began writing the series was that quite a few of the couples in the story were not totally straight. I know, I know, you're now scratching your head. "Harley, YOU wrote the story!" No, I didn't; the people in the story do that. This may come as a shock and surprise to many, but I do not write the story—the people in the story do. All I do is follow along and write what they say and do. As a writer, Harley Austin never knows what's going to happen within a book as I sit down to write it. I don't know what's going to happen or even what the end of the book is going to be. I'm very often just as surprised by a book's story, content, relationships, and ending as you are.

Paradisus was one of these big surprises. Not just because the main characters are male, but because Paradisus explodes the Awakened epic into a hugely powerful story I had really no idea was coming. By the end of the book even I was dumbfounded and excited.

It's a powerful, deeply moving, epic kind of story.

The truth is, I did not start out to write an epic straight-gay romance series, but at this point there are perhaps as many straight couples as there are gay couples within the series. I’m not really sure how this happened. I didn’t exactly plan the series to go this direction. I'm just as surprised as many of my fans have been. And you as the fans of the series are my biggest surprise of all.

I have been both delightfully surprised, intrigued and dumbfounded by the overwhelming positive response of readers, both straight and gay, men and women, encountering the different "ships" within the epic. Overwhelmingly, readers continue to tell me how much they love the story. My fans did not just junk the books because of a same-sex relationship. You have responded positively, engrossed in and captivated by the people living out their lives within it.

I WAS TOLD over and over, and I'm STILL being told in fact, that having steamy-hot same-sex ships within a story would utterly tank the series for traditional mystery, romance intrigue readers. I continue to have to battle editors over this. But, again, I simply wrote from the heart—what needed to be written following the lives of the people within the story.

Of course, not everyone is happy with the "ships" or a story brimming with hot romantic detail. But I didn’t set out to please every reader—I set out write an epic paranormal sci-fi  mystery romance that both men and women, I guess even gay men and women now, would enjoy reading. There is indeed something for everyone, from a romantic perspective, within the story, even if a particular ship isn’t your cup of tea.

Listening to the common knowledge, the do’s and don’ts of the traditional publishers, the Awakened Series would have been doomed from the outset. But the response from even the most critical readers of my beta team, even some of my nay-saying editors, has been very positive.

I hope you are enjoying the Awakened books as much as I have enjoyed writing them. My best wishes, thoughts and prayers to you for taking the time to make my stories a part of your life! Thank you for reading.

~ Harley


The Story Behind RELIC

Relic was one of those books that sort of happened by accident. After finishing SIREN, the so-called short story (nearly 200 pages in print) ended up ending leaving me with not so much a cliff-hanger, which I hate, but with an ending that was begging for a sequel.

I wrote Relic in a couple of weekends over a two-week period. In the meantime, my editor who is also a talented graphic designer was tossing ideas for book covers at me left and right. Honestly, I rejected all of them, but when I saw to golden-red cover with the Aztec-looking ziggurat and the huge being in the background, not only did I know that this was the cover I wanted but she also ended up in a roundabout way helping me create the end of the story I hadn't finished writing yet.

Relic has become one of my faves in that it has some big backstory reveals of what will be coming in the main series, and also who some of the people are that have been a bit of mystery so far.

I loved the character development as well and some of the surprise "ships" that happen within the story.

Just so you know, I'm not done with these people: Liam, Tori, Monica, Mac and the crew of the Neptune. There's gonna be more … stay tuned!

~ Harley


Awakened Chronicles: Epic Short Stories

They're here! The first two books of Awakened Chronicles have been released!

As the Awakened series has progressed now into six books published, and three waiting to be published, needless to say that there have been numerous ideas and stories that have made it to paper (so to speak) but are not really full-length books advancing the backstory. But they were such great stories that i just couldn't let them go without being told.

Awakened Chronicles were created to satisfy my literary Attention Deficit Disorder. Harley Austin never met a story I didn't want to tell in my own inimitable way. I am an avowed relationship junkie. I love "shipping" people within the Awakened universe that end up making really great stories.

"Harley, 200+ Pages Is Not a Short Story."

My editor groaned. Okay. She's right. It's not. Harley Austin apparently has another problem, I've discovered that I cannot write a 100-page story. Siren was supposed to be just a small, short 100-page novella that advanced some background about the Awakened Universe. Nope. It came in at 200 pages in print. Relic was nearly 300 pages in print.

Okay, so in the future, look for Awakened Chronicles short stories to be between 100 and 300 paperback pages.

When Should I Read These?

As a general rule, unless you don't mind spoilers, don't read an Awakened Chronicle before you've read the last book the chronicle is supposed to before. Here's what I mean …

Each Awakened Series novel takes place about a year after the last one in the epic story: Legacy (book three) takes place about a year after Dominion (book two), and  Dominion takes place about year after Awakened (book 1). These three books then span three years of time in the main series. That's a lot of time between stories.

Awakened Chronicles books attempt to fill in some of these fairly large time gaps between the novels in the primary Awakened Series. Siren takes place between books two and three of the main series. You may not want to read Siren until you've read Legacy, book three, of the main series.

The other interesting part of Awakened Chronicles is that aspects of these stories have already begun to manifest themselves in upcoming novels. There are elements from Awakened Chronicles that manifest themselves in later novels, like Paradisus (book 6).

Where To Buy Harley Austin Books

All of my books can be found published exclusively on Amazon.


The Story Behind SIREN

SIREN was one of those stories that was supposed to be a "short story" to introduce my new Awakened Chronicles. But at just under 200 pages, it ended up the length of a typical mass-market paperback.

The truth is, I really don't know where a new book is going until I'm into the thick of the story. By the end of SIREN I had discovered a rich new group of people within the Awakened universe that I really liked and wanted to continue. Without using a cliffhanger (I really hate it when authors do that) I deliberately left the ending of SIREN wide open for that eventuality.

For me, SIREN introduced, quite by accident, some different relationships that I honestly had not thought about exploring within the main Awakened Series. I always tell people that Harley Austin does not write books, I simply introduce fictional people into a book and let them tell their stories; all I do is write what happens. That is exactly what happened with SIREN.

SIREN came together in a couple of weekends and I almost immediately began working on the sequel, RELIC. Who knows, maybe there will be a third book that continues following this crowd.

I sure hope so. It's like a series within a series now.


Awakened Chronicles is part of the Awakened Series created to satisfy my literary Attention Deficit Disorder.

With the Awakened Series now into its sixth published book, and with the seventh, eighth, and ninth book completed, and a prequel on the way, I found myself with a handful of really cool and rather interesting ideas that fit within the series’ milieu but didn’t really fit within the series’ main storyline. Most of these story snippets were becoming distractions within the main series; but I found them intriguing enough to put them to paper, so to speak, and flesh them out into their own novellas.

At this point, I have no idea where these various short stories are going, but suffice to say that all of them will tie into the Awakened Universe in ways that add background and even some bombshell intrigue to the original epic.

One of the criticisms I’ve been receiving from fans of the Awakened Series is that Harley Austin never met a new character I didn’t like. There is some truth to that. I am an avowed relationship junkie and I love the idea of introducing new ships and new people into the grand story.

The problem is, after six books, Awakened has close to a dozen (of what could be considered) main characters within the story. It is, to say the least, a personae-rich environment. This to me is just perfect, but to casual readers not thoroughly invested in the Awakened Universe, it is bordering on confusing. Rather important people show up in later books that were introduced perhaps three or four novels ago. Many readers simply don’t want to follow the lives of this many people. One of my beta readers, in fact, warned me, “If you introduce one more new couple I’m going to stop reading.”

Okay. Message delivered.

Awakened Chronicles will now become the Harley Austin playground for snippets of stories that wholly intersect with the primary series, but don’t actually further the main story—they simply build detail upon it. These chronicles are the lives of the people on the periphery; people deeply affected by the events unfolding within the main story, but who do not, seemingly, add to the overall events unfolding within it.

I am going to have some fun with these! I hope you enjoy reading them as well.

~ Harley